Dragon Ball UL Sprites, episódios e filmes
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PostSubject: Worlds   Tue Jul 29, 2008 12:02 pm

Destiny Island:
where they go and start a new adventure it´s sora and his friends home
Boss 1st visit:
Boss 2nd visit:
Partner: Wakka and selphie
Twilight town:
Roxas and his gang home
Boss 1st visit:
guard armor (opposite armor)(1st boss) (final mix colors)
Vexen experiment (the main boss)
Boss 2nd visit:
Partner: Seifer and hayner (maybe...)
tidus real home
Boss 1st visit:
Boss 2nd visit:
Partner: Auron (for sure) and jetch (maybe...)
Boss 1st visit:
Kadaaj (1st boss)
Sephiroth (the main boss)
Boss 2nd visit:
Sephiroth (1st boss)
Jenova (the main boss) (maybe...)
Partner: cloud and tifa
Disney Castle:
Boss 1st visit:
guard armor(1st boss) (normal colors)
opposite armor(the main boss) (normal colors)
Boss 2nd visit:
Partner: mickey (on 2nd visit) Donald and goofy (they will go with sora after the 1st visit)


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